Mark P. Williamson Stone Sculptor
European Lattice
Inspired by his travels in China, Williamson in the fall of 2000 conceived and designed an art piece especially for the best
European porcelain makers.  The Herend Porcelain Company of Hungary took an interest in Williamson's ideas, and the Herend
Porcelain Bust series was born.
Williamson's passion and artistic achievements led to his selection as the exclusive designer and architect of the unique
Herend Porcelain bust.   Like nothing ever before seen or created.
In 2004, the bust decorated in the Gödöllõ (red Asian) pattern received an award at the National Ceramics Juried Exhibition in
San Angelo, Texas.  This same piece was selected as the only sculpture to appear on the cover of Art & Antique's 2005 - 2006
"Insider's guide".
European Lattice is unique, a single-edition proof, and has the following characteristics:
Year:               2002
Weight:            6 lbs
Dimensions:      12.5 x 13.5 x 8.5 inches
Composition:     Hungarian hard-paste Kaolin porcelain
About the pattern:
One of the most famous decors of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory is the Humboldt pattern, inspired by and named after Alexander von Humboldt, the German
natural scientist and politician, who for his 88th birthday was given a gift coffee set decorated by this pattern and made by Mór Fischer in 1857.   

Around this period, neo-styles were flourishing throughout the whole of Europe, which had affected porcelain art by reinterpreting Baroque and Rococo eras.  The
Herend Manufactory joined this trend, and laid down the foundation of its international reputation during these years.  Mór Fischer, the owner of the Manufactory at the
time played a major role in establishing this success.  
The surface of the pastel-pink porcelain decorated by the neo-rococo style Humboldt pattern reveals glittering golden latticework, the cross sections of which are
emphasized with pearls with a turquoise shine.  The gleaming golden latticework forms a frame around the oval-shaped, medallions-like paintings.  
The “La Saison des Fleurs, Blanc”, or SFBO pattern is a variation of the pink Humbolt pattern, depicting a white lattice and floral decorations within the medallions.