Charissa Terranova, art critic and reviewer of a recent solo exhibition:
"The most powerful pieces in this show were those in which Williamson used the everyday straw to embody amorphous but
symbolic form. . . Williamson's flagworks have a different intention (than that of Jasper Johns'), a thesis on American
artifice, waste, and bloated desire."
David Lane, Juror for a recent international competition:
"I found Williamson's piece compelling. There's sympathy with the subject and the material.  This is a good example of a
piece that raises the questions, and probably keeps them raised, while speculating on the "answer". . . "
Artist's Statement
My work brings updated perspectives to stone sculpture.   My pieces incorporate deliberate innovations and the occasional use of
non-traditional materials such that the organic nature of stone is preserved but revealed.

The physical challenges, as well as the perspectives and psychological possibilities that are unique to three-dimensional work,
invigorate me.  Nothing and no one exists by itself; rather, meaning and purpose form through relationships with other things, and
through the context of the prevailing environment.
 My goals are unflinching, to create what has never been attempted, to explore
with materials and stone techniques, to manifest new concepts into sculpture, such that even the casual observer is moved.

In utilizing commonplace materials and geometric shapes, I instill meaning and isolate art pieces so that they work together to form
relationships and broken narratives.

My work is influenced strongly by post-modern theory and practice.

Read the 2007
interview with Marnie Zrike.

Select Exhibitions & Events:
Jan 2013                 "Transparent Ego" begins recurrent appearance on the TV series "Dallas"
                              in the home of the series character Sue Ellen

Dec 2012                 New mixed stone "Cast Off" series makes debut at
Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX

July 2012                 Installation of “Separation” and "Undersea" large granite sculptures,
                              Longview Museum of Art, Longview, Texas

Nov 2011 Group      Longview Museum of Art, Longview, Texas

March 2011             Installation of “Bamboo You” and "Lost My Way" large granite sculptures, Dallas, TX

July 2009                 Installation ceremony,
Rockport Art Center, Rockport, Texas

July 2008                 Installation of “Pod One”, large granite sculpture, Crested Butte, CO

2008 Group             TEW Galleries, Fall show, Atlanta, GA

2008 Group             
TEW Galleries, "20th Anniversary Show", November - January 2007 - 2008, Atlanta, GA

2007 Group             Gerald Peters Gallery, "Art for the Bridge", December 2007, Dallas, TX

2007 Group             Sculptors Dominion Invitational, April - May 2007, San Antonio, TX

2006 Group             
TEW Galleries, "Busts and Torsos", with Stephanus Heidacker and Claude Bauret Allard, November 2006, Atlanta, GA

2006 Solo                "Simpatico", Dahlia Woods Gallery, October 2006, Dallas, TX

2006 Solo                "Melded Passages",
Liget Gallery, June 2006, Budapest, Hungary

2006 Group             Sculptors Dominion Invitational, April 2006, San Antonio, TX

2006 Group             Shanghai Landscape Sculpture Invitational, April - May 2006, Shanghai, China

2005 Two-Artist       Dahlia Woods Gallery, Gala Opening, November 2005, Dallas, TX

2005 Group             50th International Open Exhibition, Sacramento Arts Center

2005 Two-Artist       Felder Gallery, Summer Opening 2005, Rockport, TX

2004 Group             15th Annual National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo, TX
2004 Group             49th International Open Exhibition, Sacramento Arts Center

2004 Group             37th Annual Arts International Exhibition, El Paso, TX

2004 Group             Leslie Powell Foundation National Juries Exhibition, Lawton, OK

2004 Solo                Highland Park Mayoral Council Unveiling Reception, Dallas, TX

2003 Solo                London debut with Media Contemporary Arts:  No. 5, Cavendish Square

2003 Group             36th Annual Arts International Exhibition, El Paso, TX, Distinction

2007:                       Mike Modano, Dallas, TX

2007:                       Steve and Katherine Kennedy, Dallas, TX

2006:                       Dr. Scott Livesey, Vail, CO

2006:                       Jeff & Shereen Fuqua, Atlanta, GA

2005:                       John & Regina Metzler, London

2004:                       Chris Cheatwood, Southlake, TX

2003:                       Dr. Russell D. Smith, Cambridge, MA.

2002:                       Kim Jordan, Santa Fe, NM.  

2007                            Interview for TEW Magazine, Atlanta, GA

2006                           "Sculpture:  A Texas Perspective", Sculpture Magazine, June, 2006, Beijing, China

2005                          "Sculptor sells Alec statues through University Co-op", The Daily Texan, November 2005, Austin, TX

2005                          "Artist uses straws for human sculptures",  John Pronk, WFAA-TV, August 22, 2005, Dallas, TX

2005                         “From Business to Budapest”, Dickinson Magazine, Winter 2005, Carlisle, PA

2004                          “15th San Angelo National Ceramics Exhibition”, Ceramics Monthly, US Nationwide, October 2004

2004                          “New Niche Sculpted for a Hungarian Legend: Interview with American Artist
              Mark P. Williamson”, Business Hungary, July/August 2004

2004                          "Sculptor is Putting Process on Display", Dallas Morning News, June 30, 2004

2004                          “Sculptor and Porcelain Company Collaborate on Busts”, Art Business News, New York, April 2004

Awards and Honors:
2005 - 2006               Work selected for cover of the 2005 - 2006 Insider's Guide, an annual publication of Art & Antiques magazine

2004 - 2005               Apprenticeship with granite sculptor,
Jesús Moroles, Rockport, Texas

2004                          Merit Award recipient, 15th Annual National Ceramic Competition, San Angelo, TX

2003                          Awarded First Place for sculpture, third place overall, 18th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Louisville Center for The Arts

2003                          Awarded First Place for sculpture, second place overall, 28th Annual Arts National
                Exhibition, Roseville Arts Center, Sacramento, CA

2002                          Apprenticeship with
Xavier Corbero, Barcelona, Spain

2001                          Accepted by the Herend Porcelain Company as the architect and designer for a
                new luxury gift art piece, the Herend personal portrait bust

Speaking Engagements / Publications:
2007                          TEW Magazine, Interview with Marnie Zrike, Atlanta, GA

2006                           "The Art of Marketing Art", Graduate School, China Art Academy, paid lecture, Beijing, China November 2006

2006                           “Perspectives: Contemporary Art in the State of Texas, Plus the Path Through
                 a Sculptor's Mind”, Article, Sculpture Magazine, Beijing, China, June 2006

2006                           “The US Contemporary Art Market”, lecture, Xiamen University College of Fine Art, Xiamen, China February 23, 2006

2004                          “The Genius of Art”, Turtle Creek Breakfast Club Speaker Series, Dallas Texas, January 21, 2004

2007                           Gerald Peters Gallery, "Art for the Bridge", Dallas, TX, December 2007

2005                           Leslie Powell Art Show, "Oklahoma: Centerfold", Lawton, OK, 2004 - 2005

2004                          North American Sculpture Exhibition, Golden, CO, April 3 - June 6, 2004

2004                          Maryland Federation of Art, "Small Works", Annapolis, MD, February 4 - 29, 2004

2003                          Arts International Exhibit 2003, "Be Inspired", El Paso, TX, October 10 - 30, 2003

2003                           Louisville Arts Festival 2003, Eighteenth Annual, Louisville, CO August - September 2003

2004 – 2005:                Apprenticeship with abstract granite sculptor,
Jesús Moroles, Rockport, Texas.

2002:                            Studied stone sculpting philosophy and techniques under the abstract stone sculptor,
Xavier Corbero, Barcelona, Spain.  

1997:                            Masters Business Administration, Jones Graduate School, Rice University

1991:                            Marble sculpting, Pietrasanta, Italy.

1991:                            BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

1980 – 1982:                Dickinson College Art Program, Carlisle, PA.   Design, composition & form, life drawing, sculpture.


Southwest Gallery, Dallas, Texas            
Mark P. Williamson Stone Sculptor